Call for Special Session Papers

During the conference, two special sessions will be held. Special sessions are mini-venues, each focusing on one state-of-the-art research direction within the multimedia field. Each special session will be comprised of four to five papers. Some special sessions will have a panel format, where authors have reduced time to present their work, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Special session papers, which can be invited or submitted, will supplement the regular research papers and be included in the proceedings of MMM 2018. In order to ensure high quality of the conference papers, all papers submitted to special sessions will be peer-reviewed through a strict review process, including invited papers. If a special session has many high-quality submissions, some of the submissions may potentially be moved to some regular sessions. Special session papers must follow all the guidelines for regular research papers.

For more details, please select the sessions of interest below:


Special Session 1
Modeling Big Multimedia in the Real World
Luca Rossetto, Ivan Giangreco, Heiko Schuldt


Special Session 2
Multimedia Analytics: Perspectives, Techniques and Applications
Laurent Amsaleg, Cathal Gurrin, Björn Þór Jónsson, Stevan Rudinac